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Visit the Bizar #BarbiePeepShow!

#BarbiePeepShow (check Instagram) is an automatic art-installation: Experience 24/7
New scenery every season!
NDSM-plein 35  1033WC Amsterdam

A loud scream every day, followed by loud laughter <3


We cannot show you the BarbiePeepShow-Movie, Google is blocking the content because of the name itself without confirming by humans.
Funny though, take a look yourself and experience it and confirm it’s appropriate for kids too.
Any ways there are a lot of visitors every single day, having a good laugh over the -BarbiePeepShow-
That’s what it’s made for after all

Barbeepeepshow foto inside

Don't miss me, Barbeepeepshow


The BarbiePeepShow is an automatic art-installation

I have made it especialy made for the visitors of the NDSM-werf in Amsterdam
You can watch this bizar, hilarious and comical art in the big hall (scheepsbouwloods)
where -until 1984- the biggest ships were made in the world.

Barbie op sterk water

If you have experienced the show
I would like you to leave a comment please!
If you’re planning : Have fun!

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