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EEF invorm

EEF invorm     Toy Hacker,  Maker,  Kinetic Art Installation 

April 2017:
The Big Church of Monnickendam will be my EEF invorm workshopspace 
during the entire month of April.
You will find it in the big tower.

I am curious if this church realizes, what I am actualy making as a Kinetic Installation Artist.
The church is still in function actually.

It’ll be fun to be chased out with Bitumen & Feathers. I should film that  😀 
Pek & Veren is a Dutch expression, a way to chase out offenders in middeavel ages. 

It is a one time oppertunity to see me create in public.
I never ever have done this before in public.
Exposition is a rear thing for me to do anyway.

It will be a lot off explaning my kinetic tech stuff:
next level Kinetic Art building my DIY roboticizasion with Barbies.
My goal in the Grote Kerk in Monnickendam, is to make a good start
with The #BarbiePeepShow MOBILE intended for streetfestivals.
Parts of the installation will be Barbie-Pee, Barbie-Disco, Barbie-Boerka, Barbie-Waves, Barbie-Dildo.
Most Barbies are interactive and some parts will be for sale. 

Exhibition includes also Jolanda Lancelot (who invited me, thanks) and a third person -not known yet.
Jolanda exhibits furniture. 

The ‘BarbiePeepShow-Backstage’ in 2016 at the annual NDSM-OPEN, had a 300 visitors inside my workspace EEF invorm.
I opened to 2 to 4 persons at a time the installation BarbiePeepShow.
Visitors viewed at the makers-perspective a lot of new things and I explained the robotica and kinetic aspects used for it.

The other 3000 or more people, I could not handle inside my workspace that one day.

It appears there are several serious fans from other countries.
Some people visit regurarly Amsterdam for friends or business.
They told me they visit every three/four months the NDSM-wharf, to verify if new additions were made to the installation. 

The ‘BarbiePeepShow-Backstage’ also revealed a lot of FaceBook Fans.
I would have never guessed there are actually  Fans of the BP.

And if I may believe the posts @ Instagram Twitter FB etc. they are all over the world.
So nice to know this and I am so proud and honered by that!

This text is inspired following the workshop writing by Ester Eva Damen

Next NDSM-OPEN will be in Oktober 2017


New TechTeacher

Kinetic Art-Installations

UPcycled materials are favorite in all projects from EEF invorm:
Wood, Steel, Signs, Electronics and materials brought in by clients for Interior Design.

BarbiePeepShow  Open 7/7  10am-7pm NDSM-werf

BarbiePeepShow is an automatic kinetic art installation made by EEFinvorm
ArtCity NDSM-werf Neveritaweg 15 P3 1033WB Amsterdam North
Open 7/7  10am-7pm

    Barbee waves Back!’        

Afbeelding BarbiePeepshow Psssst, Don't Miss Me

Psssst, Don’t Miss MeBarbie op sterk water



06 107 261 92

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Hack, Recycle & Upcycle are my speciality !


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